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Exhibit 2
Results of independent metrological testing of programs for calculation of the heart rate variability parameters

For researches three devices of the Ukrainian manufacturers are chosen: unit CardioLab + (Kharkov), monitor Utas 300 (Kiev), program of firm Solvaig CardioSpectrum (Kiev), Russian program OrtoScience v.4.9.85 (Izhevsk). For completeness of representation of the information the authors of this project also offer results of self-testing of own program products CARDIO-10DX (Vinnitsa) and -3 (Lugansk)

1. Pre-conditions for the discussion of theme
2. Existing approaches of metrology providing of estimation the HRV-programs.
3. Development of original metrology testing of HRV-programs
4. Protocol of the metrology testing for HRV programs
5. Objects of the metrology testing
6. Primary material of results of testing of the programs of account of a HRVspectrum
6.1. CardioLab+ (CHAI medica)
6.2.CardioSpectrum (Solvaig)
6.3.UM300 (Utas)
6.4.ORTO Science v.4.9.85 (Izhevsk)
6.5.CARDIO-10DX (Pallar LTD, Vinnitca)
6.6. MAK-3 (Lugansk)
7. Formal comparative characteristic of the programs of account of a HRVspectrum
7.1. Calculation errors of spectrum power.
7.2. Non-linearity of gain-frequency descriptions
7.3. Noise descriptions of the programs of calculation of spectrum of HRV
7.4. Exactness of estimation of frequencies of spectrum of HRV
7.5. Comparison of dispersion of RR-intervals and general power of spectrum of HRV
7.6. Results of testing at extremely low powers of spectrum of HRV

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